8/8/2022: Bridging the Tangible & the Intangible

Last night, I had a vision of this Pink Cloud active and Lightning flashes contained within. I did not know what it meant, Until Now.

digital dreamy landscape of pool and sea at sunset

Photo by Mo on Pexels.com

This cloud represents the Intangible Power within the Soul being Activated

88 is a doublet, which Means it allows for the Receiving/Return you have earned in BOTH the Tangible and the Intangible. What you have sown can now be pulled at to yield a harvest.

8+8+6(2022=6)totals 22! The Fuse has been lit to Demolish what You Don’t see that obstructs You and the foundation(22-Year of the Divine Building Foundations that will last a lifetime and possibly beyond~using Universal Master tools) can be set to build and heal something MORE important in Your Life.

It is Now on you to do the work. And You Have the Entire 8th month, August, to Pursue It!

What Goes Up, Must come Down-this is part of the Symbology of the number 8. So here is a Prayer Mantra to use for this Month’s “Return on Your Physical and Soul investments”~

Let it be in My Soul, As it is in Heaven

In the Spirit as I was given this I saw a beautiful soft pink and cream fabric, a very soft and delicate ‘Duvet’, the Madonna called it. Say this prayer with the visual of being wrapped in this Soft Pink and cream(for the #6 covers genuine love, reciprocation of affection, Home, and all things Love, family & friends including self-love) Feel it embrace your Soul and manifest that which is meant to be Yours.

unrecognizable woman sitting at table with glass flask full of rose petals

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

This Prayer calls to the Universe for Self alignment of Your Soul to those things which are Rightfully meant for You, All that is destined to belong to you and those who are destined to Be with you in this life’s full journey-whether they be short term aides or long term partners. And Most importantly, it is an All call for that which is Best for you to produce the Change Product that is Meant to be ‘YOU

Alexandria Waters, Madonna Mystic

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