Rose of Heaven-Discovering the Cacao Rose

Welcome to the Discovery of the Cacao Rose! Where We explore the Sweet graces and Necessary insights of the Madonna Maryam, Our Lady


Discovering the Cacao Rose is a Pop-up Blog, meaning it will be published and posted to, full of interesting & hopefully useful insights via its writing through the end of September 2022. As it seems my timeline has been expedited, so I have begun work on the foundations for my next More in-depth project. The writings on this site will remain and continue to be available here After the “Pop up & Publish” time is done. 

The designated Honorary of this site is Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is done in honor and devotion to her especially, although we will explore Many of Our Lady’s epithets on this site. The Cacao Rose provides a Mystical view of the Mother of Jesus/Yeshua/Issa that is outside the usual lens.

The title Cacao Rose was given to Me specifically for Two reasons, the first is that it implies both her gestures as Sweet graces and sometimes bitter truth that the Madonna Must sometimes also speak, just like the original bitter Cacao drink of the Aztecs from which our Sweeter descendent, Cocoa, gets its name. You will discover the second reason in the First Madonna we will discuss on this site.

On this site, I focus on the diverse appearances and epithets of Maryam. Maryam is the form I will use predominantly throughout this site[from the Aramaic*]and the little treats & rewards, along with the lessons/warnings we can glean from these experiences. For more on Me and the site, visit the About page. * ( You may substitute Mary/Maria/Myriam or any form of Her name that suits you) 

To learn More about the Author of this blog, visit https://maryspetals.wordpress.com/about/

Thank You for Visiting Cacao Rose, a different viewpoint on the works and purpose of Our Lady Maryam from a Broader lense, For a bigger World

Non-ecclesiastical, Eclectic but Always Sacred”-The Madonna Mystic

by Alexandria Waters