The Madonna Mystic

by Alexandria Waters

As  A Destiny Seer, I am a Clairaudient(Clear hearing-‘Audibly’ from the Spirit Realm)-{Not to be confused with the more common and popular ability called Mediumship which involves Hearing & Connecting to the Deceased}, Claircognizant(the Ability to Have ‘Knowledge’ of things or a subject with no prior base for that knowledge) and a Seer in Dreams and Visions.

It was around 2005, when ‘Our Lady’ first made herself known to Me in a Dream vision that guided Me to find something she wanted Me to have of Hers. I followed her guidance and found the object just as she had described it to be!! It may be surprising to some that this occurred After I left the Devout Christian faith of my life with the choice being made by the Divine For Me! I have Always felt a strong connection to Abraham, whose Worship and obeisance to the GOD Most High-EL Elyon, set the precedent for the faiths to come of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As I was called(Strongly Pushed by Divine), to get on board with the desire of my heart to serve Him in Submission and veer closer to the roots of the faith which is More Abrahamic, at least for Me, in its Submission of Focus when delving into the Guidance of the Divine Will. An observation worth noting in Yeshua the Messiah, and his Complete Surrender in Autonomy with the Divine Will of the MOST High GOD who sent him.

As a Spiritual Integrationist, my spiritual path is not “orthodox” and I do NOT represent or speak for Any Specific religion or faith in my writings or views.  I am first and foremost, a Sacred Mystic with my greatest loyalty and love to the I AM, The Source & Creationist of ALL existence-the *the Rabb of ALL the Worlds.

I often identify myself as a Cosmic Mystic (and Neo-traditionalist). But unbeknownst to Me, I was Chosen and being prepared to be Here, and speak as “the Madonna Mystic”. It is in this role that I bring you this site. As I hoped to share with you, Dear Reader, the tiny windows of perception she has shown to Me for discerning her multiple gifts and insights She brings via her many, varied appearances. With this Insight, I hope to share how we may Connect to these virtues and Many Graces by honoring Her as a Woman of GOD-HIS obedient Handmaiden and Servant in all things, using Her different epithets, attributes and her Feasts Days.

*Rabb is the Arabic term for the All-inclusive sovereignty of GOD, usually translated in English as LORD.

The Madonna Mystic

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