The Lit Path


GOD Never Loses but HE does Do ‘Round about and Underground WINS!

The Original Conversations with GOD: Getting to Know HIM


Lost? Confused? Turned around? NO problem. Talk to GOD Via the The Book of Psalms! There’s a Psalm for Every Mood-Joy, Confused, Dazed, Defeated, Victory or A Cry for Help. Get to Know Your CREATOR through HIS conversations with an Original Kingdom Man, But Made for EveryOne

Does GOD confuse You? No worries, It’s hard to understand the mind of a Beyond Infinite Being. Want to deepen your relationship or just get to know the Source, try Reading a Short Praise Psalm Daily starting with Psalms 108-114 and Psalms 120-133 Give it 10-21 days, you may not feel anything at first but like all Relationships, it takes time to understand Your Companion


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