Divine Masculine: Angels Calling!

11:11 Pillars in Balance-Angels and Men

common female blue butterfly
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As I was getting ready for bed, I Suddenly felt an influx, a surge of Crisp Divine Energy enter the room. I had already seen the image of a kind but powerful ‘Ancient Medicine Man’ observing and watching over Me. I felt he had come because of the Men needing Maryam’s aid and her offers we presented in the last post. If you would like to see that posthttps://maryspetals.wordpress.com/2022/07/21/porn-addict-gods-portion-for-men/

However, now I could sense an even Greater energy. I am blessed to work with and be assisted by Higher Angels in my life’s purpose. I looked around the room and noticed Two Large Silver Angel faces were appearing on my curtains, it was as if their faces had been Imprinted onto the fabric. The faces of each of these Angels were almost as wide as the panel itself and measured about 3 feet long. I am often surrounded by Angels and recently the Silver Angels have been standing guard more than ever before. As I prepared to turn on the PC, feeling I was led to share with Men the Angels who have shown up to sponsor the ‘Renewal and Rebirth of the Divine Masculine energy. These Angels arrived to assist the Masculine collective as they grow toward becoming more of their true Authentic selves at this time.

When I peeped at the face of the Silver Angel nearest Me, his eyes were looking right at me! It was a little unsettling as this group of Angels usually keep their eyes closed when I see them, giving off a pervasive sense of peace in powerful surrender to the Divine. As I turned on the PC, the clock showed 11:38pm which is 11:11. The Vibration of Silver here represents the virtues of Valor and Sincerity for Men.

Earlier today, I received the words- “Green Council”? I had no idea what this meant, until now. So gentlemen(and ladies you are welcome of course) if you are ready, here are the Angels who have come specifically to ensure and assist that you do accept your Divine Masculinity, Kingdom Manhood, or Rightful Divine Counterpart energy by whatever name/term you call it.

The Silver Angels for Men on the road of Divine Masculinity

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

These beings first told Me that one of them is a Virtue. Here his ‘role’ is obviously a direct play on words of his purpose to help you and many other men supersede their errored ways and become Men of virtue. In the Hebrew Angelic Hierarchy, the Virtues’ principal mission is to work miracles on Earth. Traditionally in art, Virtues may carry a red rose or a lily. A nod to the Madonna Maryam(rose) and her Divine Masculine, Joseph(the lily) who assists men with all of their roles and challenges, both of whom have a close relationship to these Divine Hierarchy Angels. The second Angel seemed to hail from the Dominions, and here is where the mystery of the Green Council was being revealed. Dominions cover certain positions of power, and the ‘Authority’ they exercise comes from the Divine Will. 

It is said that in Art, Dominions are usually depicted with two wings dressed in Green with gold belts. Dominions often carry “scepters, orbs, swords or books showing their Rulership authority and knowledge. Dominion Angels also carry swords to show they hold a Protective Power in a situation and they carry ‘books’ of knowledge to aid others.

Clearly, the LORD of the Worlds, GOD Most High is interested in the path and freedom from addictions needed to assist so Many men. The appearance or rather revealing of these High energy beings, ‘the Silver Virtue and Dominion Angel’, confirms our need for Higher powers to counteract the thick, heavy present darkness of shadows that have attempted to bound and rule over our men at this time.

Lastly, Dominions come to bring the Majesty of GOD back into our men’s lives if you will embrace HIS etiquette of Virtue and strive in the purity of Surrender to HIS overture of grace, acknowledging Your weakness is not greater than HIS strength. If you will surrender to His will, letting Him see that You know that HE KNOWS best-HE will fight your battle and make your enemies behave, spiritual and physical.

Men may be encouraged to wear a small piece of Silver cloth or satin in their pocket to draw upon these Angels’ strength and protection, acknowledging their intention to help you and your insistence on being helped.

All hail to the King of the Universe, Melek Malchi haMalakim!

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