Code BLUE: Using Mary’s Hues to Lift Your Blues

IF You’re Not Aware, May is the Month of MARY! And Our Lady has given Me A Special Devotion just for Her, to Help You ALL Year through

The Madonna has Recommended that You Can Make a Deeper, More upstanding Connection with Her for This Month of Mary by Wearing or Carrying something BLUE for Each day in May for it’s entirety💙. It can be as simple as a Piece of Blue cloth in Your pocket, a Blue ribbon in your hair, blue tie or Anything else You can Wear on your person.🔵🔵🔵🔵 The color BLUE is Consistent with feelings of Serenity, and Soothes the racing Mind & weathered Nervous system. SKY blue is MOST effective & highly recommended. However, Any shade of Blue will serve as your declaration of devotion and assist your connection with the Madonna through this Monthly Devotion.

For Help with A Call for More Peace, Addictions, attachments & anxiety of any kind- You May Use the Prayer to Our “Lady of Loreto” (you can easily adapt it for your personal use) This prayer will also deepen your Connection while solidifying The Blessed Madonna as Dispenser of Graces ALL through out the year towards You by Her Mighty ACTS of Intercession over your situation, on Your our behalf .

-Alexandria Waters