Give Me a Sign: Confirming the Call

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Perfect Synchronicity

As I have stated on this site, I was advised to make Our Lady of Mt. Carmel the honorary Madonna for Cacao Rose, this blog’s writing project. And as I embrace beginning the foundations for My much larger Legacy Project, Our Lady of Mount Carmel graced Me with a double portion of synchronicity to ensure I understood my devotion, purpose, and completion of the Legacy project are not only Needed but necessary and mandatory for Me to answer the call as the Madonna’s Scribe.

This past Saturday, July 16, 2022, was the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I began this morning with a dear client for whom I had prepared a special sacred gift from the Angels for her son. I had originally intended to have it ready before our appointment, but for other reasons, it had turned out that Today would be the day of the Gift’s presentation, for her and her son. The Angels had guided Me in every step of its compilation and consecration.

When we spoke, *Amber informed Me that today was the birthday party for her grandsons, the young man’s children. I was overwhelmed by GOD’S perfect planning. The Divine had guided Me that this Gift’s theme for its recipient was “Precious and Purification”. And So it seems the Angels had orchestrated that on the day of his son’s celebration, he would not be left out. But he would receive a gift that would assure he knew he was just as loved, ‘Precious’, as a person and son himself. This was a vital component because of the many hardships and challenges this young man has seen in his own life and personal struggles which he is striving so greatly to overcome. His mother was overjoyed and I was moved to tears with the warmth and love I felt for this young man as if he were my own son.

Now would come the most significant sign for Me regarding my work and future plans as Madonna’s scribe. I love bookstores and enjoy browsing at the local used bookstore at our main library, which funny enough is currently, right down the street-literally. However, I have not visited it for a long time. I have been Very selective in exclusively purchasing certain books to continue my Madonna research. But today I felt compelled to stop by. I looked around and was about to give up, when  I decided to check one last section. I had told the bookstore manager of my Mary research project and he was kind enough to put all the books on Mary in a designated spot in the store.

When I reached the section, I browsed the small selection and felt a strong pull to a simplified version of the Flame of Love by Elizabeth Kindelmann. I was aware of the movement but particularly uninterested in the material personally. But as I played tug of war with buying the book, which I honestly was uninterested in reading, the Madonna’s pull won me over. I purchased the book and set off to read it by the end of the weekend. I soon understand that this was one of the areas, I knew next to nothing about, regarding the Madonna. Despite its large following, I have not been called to it, as we all have areas of devotion and focus when called to these types of works. So it was my duty to become more aware of this port of entry into the Marian devotion.

The real surprise came fast and swift when I returned home and immediately began reading the book. There on page six, it states that from Elizabeth’s diary we are told she was prepared for her inner locutions by 3 years of struggle which she called ‘spiritual darkness’. But then it reads-

“The decisive moment came on July 16, 1961, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel(Elizabeth was a lay Carmelite).

There it was in black and white, if this type of Time, date, or exact scenario-stamped phenomenon had not occurred multiple times before, in my life, I would have thrown the book to the floor in shock! However, I have experienced these Fated messages on many occasions, yet I am still humbled by them Each and every time. My lady had made herself clear-I was confirmed in my fulfilling of this current blog in her name, as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. But even more so, certain elements in Elizabeth’s work also confirmed, pushed, and even invigorated my greater calling to do my Legacy Project for her Ladyship, the Madonna Maryam.

As I was entering the last phase of this short work in her honor. Our Lady of Mount Carmel showed Me that there had been another, Elizabeth Kindelmann, who had worked tirelessly in her commission to spread the Flame of Love-which she had bestowed on her. Before this day, on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, I had been completely unaware of this fact. As I stated previously, I felt no strong connection to the Flame of Love and had little interest in learning more about it. And while it remains that it is not a path I am meant to follow, I have been blessed by the assurances I have gleaned from her work.

For, in the end, The honorary Madonna of this blog, Our Lady of Mount Carmel has spoken. She has confirmed that this indeed was her doing and I should continue my work, moving forward with my Next project to the Madonna. My gratitude for this confirmation cannot be overstated. For Our Lady of Mount Carmel has had the last word in her own project’s, beginning and ending, but the Honor has been all mine.


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