The Madonna Calls All Her children

Today I was challenged to follow The Madonna’s request I must admit. I was led to go to a particular place to pick up my lunch, weary due to my financial constraints aside, this was somewhat welcomed. However, as usual the purpose of my ‘lunch treat’ had not been for me alone. Of course, nothing GOD does is in vain, and seeing as Maryam is His handmaiden she works in exactly the same vein as Her “Eternal Father” as she calls him reverently.

After placing my order, I was urged to speak to a gentlemen sitting at the table near Me. I didn’t want to seem stereotypical in assuming he had a connection to Our Lady of Guadalupe simply because he was of Hispanic or Mexican descent. But I couldn’t shake the Need to ask him about Guadalupe in his life.

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I am not shy person typically when it comes to these things, although I am reserved to a degree. But this assignment had me on edge but as I know for Me personally Obedience is vital to not only my spiritual life and blessings but literally my safety through Divine Protection depends on it! So I gently asked him if he knew or had reverence for Our Lady of Guadalupe? No, he answered, “I’m Christian”. I reminded him that she was simply a form of the Mother of Jesus, Mary. And thank heaven, He opened up and we had a small conversation about her and how she seem to want him to “come back to Her” as he had a connection to her through his lineage. Right as I was telling him this, he mentioned that his father was Catholic. I was understandably relieved to know I was Not making a fool of myself. I continued talking to him advising him on how he could do a simple devotion to ‘Reconnect’ with this Spiritual Mother who wanted to be with him and help him along the way. He confided that he had a need in his life at present that he wanted to be fulfilled but had been unsuccessful thus far. I advised him of possible ways to utilized the Power of Guadalupe in his life that may or may not help him in this regard.

I realized something once I arrived home:

All the effort Our Lady of Guadalupe had gone through, sending and using Me, to reconnect with him was an extraordinary measure of just how much she wants to help us and deliver us the graces that have been so richly bestowed on her lovingly by Divine Appointment, from the MOST High GOD and the Messiah’s continued desire to be of service to us, mankind, with the help of his mother, even during his physical absence.

-Alexander Waters

Below I will provide you with some simple ways to connect with Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is one of the Most Powerful Spiritual Benefactors for peoples of North and Latin America, as well as the country of Spain. I have taken a few of the steps she required of the gentleman, her “prodigal” son as she called him.

The steps are simple:

You can prepare yourself through whatever form of prayer you normally do and then add this portion of the Hail Mary Prayer-which is from a compilation of verses in the book of Luke-

Hail (Mary) Full of Grace, the LORD is with You. Blessed are you among women(Luke 1:28)

Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb(Luke 1:41-42)

The last sentence of the prayer “Pray for us Sinners..” is derived from the book of James 5:16:

“And confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another.. The prayer of a righteous man(or Woman) has great power in its effects.”  I certainly think the chosen Handmaiden of GOD and spiritual Messenger for the World in this age has earned that right of privilege in her prayers by her devotion to seeing Her Lord’s wishes fulfilled on Earth even as it is in heaven.

Along with this Prayer, you make you apparent connection to the Madonna, Our Lady of Guadalupe by burning an Our Lady of Guadalupe candle. These need not be expensive but can be the 7-day tall candles found in many grocery stores today.

Whatever, you chose to do-use a picture or prayer card, say a prayer or burn a Prayer candle I can assure a sampling of the connection to Guadalupe and her gifts and blessings can become very beneficial and affluent in your life from the mundane and to bringing in the wealth of things that are truly being done for your greater good-Be they small or great, physical blessings to the mundane and spiritual blessings rest most above all others. If you are sincere and pay attention it need not be long before you see the “little flow” of graces, that precede to those who honor her, continuously according to your needs and the Divine Will. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe:Feast Day December 12

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