Why the ‘Spiritually Selected’ Attract Spiritual Attack?

I was awakened this morning by a text from a previous client, a young lady who is now in college. She was alarmed by several nightmares she had last night and asked if I could help. After getting the details of her “dreams” and advising her on what to do,

I realized that the Attacks against people who are Spiritually Selected by the Divine to carry certain gifts and abilities {and thus they receive Special Favors*} are increasingly under Spiritual attack at this point in time.

cutout paper appliques of sick and healthy human figures

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I am not speaking of the Gift of Favor, which may be bestowed by GOD on some people’s lives whether they are gifted or not. I want to reiterate here there is a difference. The Gift of Favor will  Frequently attract jealousy but Not the same level of Spiritual warfare. One can have the Gift of Favor whether Spiritual or not, good person or not, as this type of gift is given to whomever Destiny has chosen for it, one need not have a special purpose or mission to receive itthat’s why it’s called a Gift. One of my spiritual gifts is the ability to instinctively “Know” a person’s Spiritual gifts, favors, and who gives them Divine Assistance. I never seek this information about anyone but provide it when I work with my clients privately or the Spirit reveals it to Me to share with someone specifically.

Now back to our headline-Here, I am speaking of the Spiritually Selected who carry specific gifts and purposes for which they were Divinely selected. These individuals have a unique soul ID and are also extended the love &*Divine favor of Certain Higher beings because of Who or what they are. The Higher beings attached to each Divinely selected individual vary according to their level, sacred heritage, and purpose but that is not for further discussion here. There are Many Spiritually Selected human beings in the Earth at present, as opposed to other types of beings which are Rarer. The Spiritual Selective, as opposed to the General Collective, are the main Light workers’ presence at this time. We need each and every one of you and your abilities to join the fight against this Darkness Uprising. Which is why you are so Under attack!

Let me explain it to you the way the HOLY Angel explained it to Me. So you can understand Why these Particular people are being attacked and provide you with a few tools if you are one of them. When a person is ‘Spiritually Selected’, i.e. Divinely selected, they carry a particular Energy signature, which I term a Soul I.D. (which is what the Angel called it ). A person’s Soul I.D. was imprinted upon them even before they entered conception so it became visible to all beings of the Spiritual realm ‘who had eyes to see’, Not only beings of the Divine Light path but those of the ‘Dark side’ as well (Star Wars fans get my meaning i.e. think Force vibes) But this is no mere fiction story but simply a continuation of the Epic battle between “Good & Evil, True Divine Light and it’s perversion, High Spiritual Darkness” which has existed since before mankind even began-AND for confirmation it was 1:11 on my clock as I wrote that last sentence! Spiritually selected people have been chosen to do something to increase the Divine Light and serve GOD with their gifts or abilities, whether their goals/jobs be secular or spiritual/religious, as you can be used to Bring the light of GOD into an area, in any form, no matter the simplicity or grandness of your duties. And it is because of their being Selected by the Divine to do so, that they receive special appreciation and support, Divine Favor, from Spiritual beings much greater than themselves who serve the LORD of the Worlds Too!

So what can you do about this “nasty” approach from the Dark Servers? I have provided some tools you can use below to help build up protection and elevate your energy to supersede the Energy technology of your enemy/adversaries in the Spiritual realm. THIS WILL NOT ELIMINATE all unpleasant incidence or people in your life but it can surely bring rest to some of it on the deeper soul and spiritual level. For it is indeed true, in the Spiritual realm as well as at an energy level, that Like attracts like & All is energy.

Spiritual Protection Toolkit for the “Spiritually Selective”

The following Psalm was given to Me for you and should be prayed at the Beginning & end of your day, to begin with, and then prayed multiple times a week as Spiritual Maintenance as you go about becoming More of your Spiritual Being. I highly recommend that you use Prayer beads, which you can hold in your hand while reading your Prayer Psalms ALOUD. *Note: These need not be used as a Rosary per se as many faiths and spiritual traditions used Prayer beads prior to the introduction of Christianity’s rosary. Bear in mind that the usage of the Rosary as your Prayer Bead choice will organically create the conditions for a connection to Our Lady Maryam, Supplemental support of the Madonna including her Protection as well as Her graces: of Mercy and More Divine Favors!


For the choir director: A psalm of David, regarding the time the Ziphites came and said to Saul, “We know where David is hiding.” 
1) Come with great power, O God, and rescue me!
Defend me with your might.
2) Listen to my prayer, O God.
Pay attention to my plea.
3) For strangers are attacking me;
violent people are trying to kill me.
They care nothing for God. Selah(pause)
4) But God is my helper.
The Lord keeps me alive!
5 May the evil plans of my enemies be turned against them.
Do as you promised and put an end to them.
6) I will sacrifice a voluntary offering to you;
I will praise your name, O Lord,
for it is good.
7) For you have rescued me from my troubles
and helped me to triumph over my enemies.

Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. All rights reserved.

The links below should be listened to for a Minimum of 20-30 minutes daily(as much as possible) for at least Six weeks to build up your Armor in the Spirit and act as a shield. If you are not willing to do the external work to protect yourself, do Not pretend help was not offered or that it doesn’t work-Spiritual Therapy is like all other forms of Medicine, it Needs to be taken/followed as prescribed to have the necessary effect.

Both of these videos(songs) are short, very soft but full of Gentle Power! They can be combined or alternated to create your Healing Sound experience for a Daily Spiritual sound Bath. The 1 requirement is that you be of a Single mind focus when listening(not doing other things on your phone etc) Your driving time is an excellent place to utilize this time effectively when you’re alone in the car.

This song will connect you with the Prayer Mantle of the Madonna as Queen of Peace and Yeshua, the Christos(Anointed One) https://youtu.be/bWPSY58TAp4

This melody brings you under the subjugation of the Angelic powers in your life-surrendering you to Utilize & Accept the Protection their Presence, in your life, can bring https://yotu.be/GmVrFNcexXc

Here is an additional 1 hr STRONG Sound bath that can help to clear your living quarters, work area, or any space  You use frequently. It is absolutely perfect for a Physical bath while listening to this in your surroundings. It contains Crystal singing bowls which almost IMMEDIATELY change the Energetic current in your vicinity.https://youtu.be/kl5ktpOPg5l

Lastly, All are welcome to make use of Any or all of these means whether you are part of the “Spiritual Selective” or not, and can share them with others, I only ask that you give reference to Alexandria Waters as the provider of this content as a Spiritual solution.

All written content is the sole property of Alexandria Waters excluding the Psalms provided.


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