The Lady in Red: The Rosary as a Spiritual Weapon

A Prayer Beads Story

As I lay down in pain from something that has been bothering Me extensively over the past week, I suddenly had Two “Flash” Visions:

I saw a dark mountain with red smoke and fire and thick black smoke. Scene Change: I now see inside the top of the mountain where several men are holding Court and one of the men is wearing a red ring with a Silver Spiral! The colors of the ring are emphasized to me.

I  immediately recognized that the colors of the ring were identical to the colors of The journal I use to write notes for my posts on this site. As I prayed about this, I suddenly understood. I had been experiencing pain related to my mouth because the Dark spirits do not want Me to speak verbally or written! Secondly, the man wearing my ring notated the activity of the Spirit of Sadism-Emotional Sadism being used against Me and continuous physical pain Too! *Sadism is the act of intentionally inflicting pain, of any form, onto another person for one’s enjoyment. Here I Exclude the consensual sexual or erotic non-harmful behaviors between consensual adults(Others may disagree but this is my personal opinion.)

From a Spiritual perspective, I also recognize that THIS Spirit manifests in people who display what is often called ‘Narcissistic’ behavior. However, one should be mindful that Sadism is for some the result of serious emotional/psychological encroachments and deep emotional wounds which lead to feelings of resentment and anger that manifest through these hurtful behaviors and attitudes towards others. In other words, “I have felt pain therefore I want to make others feel what I experienced.” I am not excusing the behavior, but as someone who works with Sacred Therapeutic Healing for Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual issues, I want to remind people that there are almost Always backstories to most behaviors.

Whether knowingly or unwittingly, I cognized that A Man was using Silence as Emotional Manipulation to hurt Me driven by the Dark spirit of Sadism. However here is the amazing part, the Madonna had foreseen this very event and had orchestrated a plan to counterattack for Both of our benefits.

Last week, I traveled with a client to help her find some prayer candles and other things. While visiting one store, She had gifted Me a little rose-patterned pouch with A Red and Silver rosary. Unbeknown to Me at the time, these Prayer Beads were also ROSE scented.20220625_165106

Here is a picture of the Beads with a different journal unrelated to my work on this site.

Once I understood the attack was intended for Me personally and also to affect my “speaking” as a part of my Divine Work and purpose, I wanted to take action against this foul spirit and the Madonna for guidance.  She gave Me the title Notre Dame to use with my Prayer beads as called for this spirit of Sadism to be bound and cease its attack on Me but also for the deliverance of the person whom it was utilizing in this abominable way.

I followed The Lady’s guidance and did all that she guided Me to do. Spiritual Warfare against High Dark Magic and entities is a part of my training that is Increasing rapidly at this time, as this is included in my Path as a Sacred Healing Specialist. As I sat back down pondering this stronghold the Spirit was having on the individual involved, The Madonna gave Me the word “Myopia”. Myopia can refer to nearsighted eyesight but here it refers to its other meaning, a lack of foresight or insight-not looking at the bigger picture.

The enemy had used the spirit of Sadism to seduce this person into believing that giving Me the Silent treatment after an unfortunate situation had occurred due to behaviors on their part was the way to Let the situation Calm down and Make Me suffer, in the process, for standing up for what I needed emotionally and for equality.

The Madonna wanted Me to specifically address this person out of compassion to help them see the error and harm of their approach. I know this person may visit my site, so I wrote this poem for them as they are dear to my heart. Assuming others will know your intentions or feelings when they are left unsaid by you, can Only Destroy what GOD has intended for good. Plans that others aren’t privy to, Only ostracizes the one you love, if indeed you do care for that person. No one wants to be an “Outsider” in any situation-ship, whether friends, family, communal, romantic, or professional.

It is your silence that has Made Me weep, the past cannot be undone but with Love, we can repair the breach,

So instead of Pride and fear, If you would let your heart Speak,

You would find Forgiveness is nigh if you open up to the Lesson in Love GOD wants to teach.

Love is like a Rose bush in the garden, if You just ignore it-It will wither and die but if you attempt to prune the unwanted parts and tend it, you can find it will Bloom for you time and time again.

Once I understood the Spiritual attack element of bodily pain and combatted the root of the problem-this Demonic entity-I noticed a change in the pain’s intensity and prevalence.

I always tell my clients, that my motto in all of my work is Spirituality with Practical results.

As the fireworks outside boom their thunderous applause for the upcoming celebration of Independence Day here in the U.S., I will continuously go forward laboring for the Deliverance of my friend’s soul to be free from the invasive entity! With the help of Notre Dame, Our Lady, at War with the enemy, and my little Red Prayer Beds.

-The Madonna Mystic, Alexandria Waters