“Just like My Father”: The Handmade Tells Me


Deep into the night, after a very emotional evening of profound truth for Me, I have gained more insight. Many things have come to the forefront in regards to my Life!-literally-and the Divine Protection, as well as the direction of my works with and for “the Madonna”.(This is My preferred title for Maryam) GOD’S plans for Me and my relationship with Her are much deeper than I could have ever imagined.

After reflecting on how the Madonna is presently protecting and impacting my life, not only spiritually but very Much so in the Natural as well, Maryam spoke this title/name to Me concerning herself-Abijah.

Unfamiliar with the name, I immediately looked it up.

Abijah(Hebrew) as sp., Abiah, Abiyah, Aviya is a unisex name that means “My Father is Yah” ( there is no “J” sound in Hebrew, it is Y instead)

Symbolically, she seemed to be saying in response to my awe-that “I am My Father’s daughter, whatever He asks me to do, I am caught doing it and in this way, when you are initiating Truly My specific requested works and projects, You are doing the will of the One who sent Me to be Near (to mankind) in the First place.”

Personally, for me, Our Lady is acclaiming: I know you are Now overwhelmed with My care & service to you in this time,  but humbly she submits for my review-“You see, I am only being as precise as My Father would have Me to be, I am like him, and in all of these acts that I do, I reflect He who sends Me.”

Again, I would like to remind the reader, that this is exactly the experience I have always had with the Madonna. For Me personally, drawing near unto Mary the Mother of Yeshua(Jesus) has only deepened and increased my devotion and worship to the Creator, Our GOD Most High. This is even more of an astute observation for Me because I have been an avid Worshipper since childhood and had reached a point of spending up to 6 hours alone in worship the year before she reached out to Me personally in a Vision dream.

*Therefore my extensive research, writings, and work for Maryam are Mariology, NOT Mariolatry. In contrast to some believers suspicion, the study, reverence and honor of Mary is NEVER intended to take away from the worship of the DIVINE, but should only Increase it. *Mariolatry-the worship of Mary as if she were equal to GOD. Mariology is the study of the Virgin Mary/Madonna.

*Here I speak only for myself and can neither blame nor judge if others observe the same boundaries

-The Madonna Mystic


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