The Magnificat: The Fragrance of Worship

This morning as I started my devotion time, I could feel the Holy Spirit powerfully and the air was filled with the atmosphere of worship. I am definitely a “Temple Girl”, and For a brief moment, I considered lighting a Frankincense cone. But in the Spirit I could feel there was No need to light any incense because the tone was already set. And then I felt it deep in my spirit and received the words “The Fragrance of Worship”.

Immediately, I could sense the Spirit guiding Me to look at the Magnificat and Maryam as a role model in the Spirit of Worship. Although it is often forgotten that Maryam as a Jewish woman would be accustomed to Praying daily, she is almost always portrayed with her hands in a Prayer posture or with her Memory beads(prayer beads, known as the Rosary in Christianity). We have to consider that for Maryam, Devotion to GOD was a way of life. According to Sacred scriptures and traditions, Maryam spent time in the Temple as a child under the charge of Zachariah, and as such, she began her early life living as a devotee unto Adonai, Her LORD.

We can see this very example in Maryam’s response to Elizabeth’s recognition of her as the Chosen Vessel and Mother to be of the Messiah, Yeshua in the Magnificat. But even before Maryam’s Magnificat, Elizabeth, wife of a Temple Priest and a woman of great spiritual depth and devotion, shares her acknowledgment of GOD’S goodness. Here we see how the Presence of the Holy Spirit preceded Maryam’s worship and began with His Descent upon Elizabeth which she reveals to Maryam. The following is from the Book of Luke Chapter 1 in the Hebrew Bible:

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40She entered Zechariah’s home and happily greeted Elizabeth.

41When Elizabeth heard Miriam’s greeting, the unborn child leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was completely filled with the Ruach ha-Kodesh.

44For even when I just heard the sound of your greeting in my ear, the unborn child leaped with joy in my womb.

45Blessed is she who trusted that there would be a fulfillment of those things spoken to her by Adonai.”

In these verses we can see that the Ruach ha-Kodesh, the Holy Spirit-in Hebrew, was already upon John the Immerser, another miracle child who praised GOD in the womb for the coming of the Messiah as his Mother was “completely filled” with the Holy Spirit due to this Profound act of worship. It is evident that Maryam was a Glory Carrier, a bearer of the Shekinah-the Divine Presence having been overshadowed FULLY by the Holy Spirit during Yeshua’s conception. It is this highly charged atmosphere, In the Fragrance of Worship, that she shared with Elizabeth when they met.

Let’s now look at the opening words of Mary’s Magnificat, named rightly so because she fills the air with Worship and Exaltation unto GOD.

46Then Miriam said, “My soul magnifies Adonai,

47and my spirit greatly rejoices in God, my Savior.

48For He has looked with care upon the humble state of His maidservant. For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed.

49For the Mighty One has done a great thing for me, and holy is His name.

50And His mercy is from generation to generation to the ones who fear Him.(Bible-Tree of Life Version)

The Magnificat is a lasting and living testimony to Maryam’s continious posture of prayer which is almost ALWAYS requested, encouraged or enhanced by those with whom she comes in contact during her repeated appearances in our time on Earth. Yet, looking back on this ‘Situation of Creation‘, where two unborn Holy beings are present at their mothers’ meeting, The Visitation set the precedent of Worship, which is the highest form of Prayer. The precedent set during this palatable moment continues to set Maryam’s standard bearer request-Prayer-in her appearances all over the world!

Elizabeth, Mary, John and Jesus all covered themselves with the Fragrance of Worship.

What are you wearing?

-The Madonna Mystic, Alexandria Waters

Powerful Descent of Holy Spirit

Feast Day: Feast of the Visitation May 31