Mary of Nazareth: The Fragrance of Calm

Yesterday, I received the word “Mary of Nazareth”, then I saw the color Lavender. I work with the power and energy color in my Sacred Healing Practice with clients. So for Me, the color Lavender represents “Gentle Spirituality” and I believe this describes Marian in her lifetime to perfection. We know the fragrance of Lavender can be calming when used in Aromatherapy and Color therapy.

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Now let’s look at how Mary of Nazareth can be beneficial to you in her inheritance from being from Nazareth. In Hebrew, the word Nazareth most likely derives from ‘Nasar’ (Hebrew) -“to watch, guard, keep”. It seems the name of her birth/childhood home is providential for both Maryam and us. It is in this Prophetic meaning that we can see how Mary is both Born to Safekeeping and being Divinely watched over to her ability to now see forward and help Guard us against evil and slips that lead to falling away from our path with GOD. However, Maryam’s intercession can also bring to us the fruition of “Keep Calm and Pray On”.

When we align with this Mistress of the Divine, the Handmaiden of the Most High through her sought-after intercession, her feelings of calm and knowing that the Divine is always there as she Needs can be a blessing and testimony unto us. She also provided a word for a Bible quote she wanted to acknowledge in the same vein of Acceptance with the Intention to surrender our worry. The word was gently given ‘Lily’. 

Consider the Lilies of the field how they grow, they neither toil nor labor, Yet Solomon in all his glory was not ADORNED(arrayed) like One of these

Simple Prayers to help You seek Assistance for Calm in daily life and stressful society

You can ask for the Help of Mary by her supposition and Divine Intercession as the Handmaiden of the Lord using the simple Ave Maria reference –“Hail Mary, HELP ME-for surely the LORD is with Me!”

Or if you prefer a direct prayer of choice, You can bow low and give unto to GOD this offering of Surrender and release using the Prayer taught to the children at Fatima by the Angel of Peace:

“My GOD, I believe, I Adore, I trust and I love You”