June 2022: Activating and Receiving Using the Privilege of Prayer

Last night, it was brought to My attention, that June 2022 is a Powerful and Pivotal month due to its energy signature and vibration. The numbers for June-6 month and 2022=6 add up to the number 12!

This 12 signature is very significant and cooperative to Our Lady, Maryam the woman clothed with 12 stars. For you see, 6 is a vibration of Expansion and this month is doubly blessed for that.

The number 12 refers to Designated Time exchange, groups, or cycles it takes to Input and Encode something or someone into their Rightful organization. The hour of 12 o’clock strikes with BOTH hands directed UP on the clock and THIS is where our Prayer Posture should emulate and follow.

I Divinely cognized that the number 12 acts as an Axel to the year and day, its energy being a Peak of potential to sow what will be growing in the remainder of the year and if sown properly continue to grow over the Next 12 months. Most of us are aware of the 12-hour division of the day, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 constellations in our Night’s sky even acknowledged in the legends and sacred science of the ancients.  But it is here that Our Lady steps in and makes unto you a point of Potential that could be nearly life-changing.

The Madonna, as the Woman clothed with 12 stars is giving you a hint on Who to seek to work with when you want to make lasting changes and discover by GOD’S foresight or insight what is Truly written in the stars in accordance with the Divine’s plan for My life. For Me personally, Sacred Numbers were taught to Me in Vision dreams and their importance POURED AND PUSHED into my consciousness. Calling on the One who has transitioned to Heaven and returned to bring forth Her knowledge, lessons, and graces to share with Us on Earth is a rare privilege we should Not ignore.

As A woman of devout Prayer herself, She assures Me that aligning with this juxtaposition in time, June(6) and 2022(6) will not be in vain if you follow Her example and do the same. Indeed, We sometimes Need to be reminded that Prayer is indeed a Privilege. We are allowed to be taken into account in our own affairs by making a request and/or need for assistance, guidance, strength, and help to, progress on our way before the LORD of whom all situations, circumstances, beings in Creation and the ethers obey. That is why it is with a privileged abandon that We pursue the Empress of the Stars, in high post as the Lady of Heaven. We invite her to join as we send our salutations and requests before the LORD all the Worlds and plead his mercy by Her intercession on our behalf. We do not lose anything by invoking her and asking for her aid from her exalted position with her and Our LORD but we may still have much to gain.

Observing the Privilege of Prayer

So how can You use this? Well through the Holy Spirit’s word I have been given a process by which you can you this Prayer period to make a 12 Year Sword! This 12-YEAR SWORD is a net that is formed by Divine Design using His ‘missal’ for you to be used just at this Pivotal axel in time. Following the instructions given in this *Missal designed to Protect and cut away at your obstacles, forming an opening for blessings and a barrier from the Divine to help deflect irreverent noise and interference for GOD’S plans in Your life over the next 12 years is a powerful opportunity and a privilege But it will require your hard work via Prayer input.*The word Missal here is NOT related to the specific Catholic text, but a collection of prayers that will be given to set the vibration over the NEXT 12-month and/or 12-year period. It is in this way that it resembles a Catholic Missal which contains the songs and sayings from Mass during the year.

The Assignment of the Missal

The number 12, like the 12 Constellations in the sky We move through during the year and the 12 months of our year, represents Bringing us into the fullness of a Complete set and makes Ready for us to receive the New beginnings and whatever is longing to come in now that our set is complete. It is the creation of an energy of Overflow in its giving and receiving, the MORE to life in a sense experience.

You will need to utilize 12 Prayer phrases throughout your Next chosen Prayer Set within this month that’s Very important! This Prayer Missal needs to be completed during THIS MONTH AND CYCLE to illuminate the 12 Year Sword. However, the Prayer Set can be done at any other month or year to set a Prayer seed for the upcoming 12 months, especially useful when done near/at your birthday or birth month.

The 12 Prayer Sayings or Phrases

  1. Be still and Know-“LORD, I will be still and Know that you are GOD” (said while sitting calmly)
  2. “Here I am”showing you have made yourself available and recognize your place in Creation ie HE is Our GOD and we are in Need of him and Not the other way around!
  3. “Speak Lord your servant hears”this puts you in a posture of surrender and readiness to receive by Divine Instruction with Needed insight
  4. “I have set my face like a flint”-you will not move without His Help and right guidance
  5. “For He has given His angels charge over Me”-Calling forth and in recognition of Angelic aid
  6. “He who dwells in the Secret Place of the MOST High”-I am drawing Nearer in intimacy unto GOD
  7. “(I will) Enter into His Courts with Thanksgiving”-You are desiring to Give thanks in expectancy for He will ‘gift’ to you
  8. “Those who trust in the LORD will Not be disappointed”-I trust in the Divine’s Complete awareness of my life, future & soul character. HE will do what is best for Me as a Whole, His Sight is Complete
  9. “Draw Nigh unto Me”-asking that You come closer to Each other, like any relationship
  10. “All day long enemies plot against Me…But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the House of GOD”-I thrive despite and amid opposition *taken from Psalms 52 A Victory Psalm
  11. “I will rejoice with those who rejoice“-I am in the right Posture & heart space to receive, Not envious or jealous as others are apportioned their blessings
  12. “Surely Tov(goodness) and Chesed(mercy) shall follow Me ALL the days of my life”-My graces, protection, mercy, and fellowship with GOD are meant to be long-term, not just temporary measures that fade in & out of season. As You will surely have challenges, you must surely see some of GOD’S relief during this 12 Year blessed period.

Directions: Pray All 12 Prayer Phrases consecutively aloud for 10 days then pray in low/silent whisper for the last 2 days-It will be best to Prayer the Missal at least Twice if not 3x a day. These Prayer Seeds are Not magic, it is Necessary to put in your full intention and attention to Sow for the best harvest and results.

Along with the Missal, you can burn a Prayer Candle during your Prayer/Contemplation time to enhance your prayer, offer roses to the Madonna as bequeath for Extra graces on her behalf, leave a bottle of Rose water in your prayer space, and/or Simply say the 2 words “Ave Maria” 3 times with hands raised, as a gesture for The Madonna’s intercession to come along with You before reciting your Prayer Missal.

For Additional intensity and deeper bonding of this Prayer Scroll to your life over the Next ’12’ season, you may sow a 12-day Fast where you fast for 3 days (this can be abstaining from a beloved daily habit or substance, a food fast or intermittent fasting, Your choice)then 1-day non-fasting then repeat. This will equal 9 days of Fasting-9 is the number of Finishing up, Endings, tying up loose ends and 3 is the number of the Power of Creativity symbolizing You align with and realize that the Outcome comes from the Power of the Source and His duty to bring forward action in this regard, You are not dependent on yourself alone.