Bringing the Rose of Heaven into Your Garden

You may wonder why you should want to bring the Madonna into your life. The Mother of Jesus/Yeshua/Issa is one of the most prominent and respected figures in two out of the three Abrahamic faiths. But there is a much deeper reason why she can be significant to Us beyond the usual “Mother” aspect that is healing and comforting for so many.

In certain Christian traditions and Islam’s sacred scripture, the Holy Quran, Maryam appears as a Paragon of Sacred Devotion and can be a model for others to aspire to. It is in this role that anyone can benefit from coming closer to the Rose of Heaven and inviting her to be a part of your Spiritual garden. 

I can personally attest that one of the greatest gifts and purposes the appearance of the Madonna offers to individuals in the world is her ability to bring us closer to sincere reverent worship of GOD.

While this may not be immediately apparent when viewed outside of the common Catholic lens, it is true for the rest of us as well. My personal experience as a “hardcore” Monotheist Mystic first and foremost and non-trinitarian believer, confirms this. When I was guided to study and learn about various Madonna appearances around the world and Mariology, I discovered there were focuses far beyond the ones highlighted specifically by the Catholic/Christian faith as a whole. For Me, this focus has given rise to Anagnorisis,  a Recognition of many mystical and spiritual gems.

The Most important of them being her recognition of  the MOST High and drawing Me ever deeper into my devotion and obedience to him. The greatest example of this was the Prayer given in the FIRST Visit of the Angel to the children at Fatima. This short prayer can be spoken by Any Believer in the One true source and the Angel advised the children to say it with their heads bowed and touching the ground in a gesture of complete surrender and devotion to GOD.

Last but not least, there have even been appearances of the Virgin Mary where she has been seen to bow in prayer with her head touching the ground in obeisance to her LORD, the Eternal One, GOD Most HIGH, whom she often calls the Eternal Father.

Below is this first part of the Prayer which has been impressed upon My soul to pray in the same posture, which is common to some practitioners of certain faiths and traditions.

Dear Reader,  If you are wondering, curious or New to learning about and working with the energy and lessons of this Great Lady here is my offer to you. I invite you to begin your journey with Our Lady, the Most faithful servant and Handmaid of the Source of All Creation, our Sovereign GOD, by planting this Prayer Seed over 15 days, prayed consecutively.

My GOD, I believe, I Adore, I Trust and I Love You

The Madonna Mystic