Let’s Spice it up: the Art of Being Charming

Our Lady Invoking Harmony as A Grace

Often people put on false airs and speak politically correct in an attempt to seem “pleasing to others”

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which is part of the definition of being ‘Charming’. But in reality, when one visits a welcoming environment, anything that creates an atmosphere of Harmony will induce its Presenter or Hostess with the accolade of being Charming.

Harmony is produced when multiple elements or things are brought together to produce a feeling, outcome, or aesthetic that is pleasing whether it be emotional, sensory, or aesthetic. The art of creating a Harmonious atmosphere in their home can be especially significant for women who are mothers or wives. When this tone is set, it can cause all members of the family to feel welcome, warm, and loving. The ability to do this is one of the Many charms that are more than available to A Woman who pursues this atmosphere for her home. By doing so, all residents will benefit, with the Lady of the House being at the forefront of much to gain. A house in Harmony is less likely to have as much discord and mayhem as one where an attitude of contempt breathes through the air.

Our Lady’s recognition of Creating a loving and enjoyable atmosphere for those around her shows up in Jesus’ first Miracle. When the wine for the Wedding feast in Cana had run out, Maryam cared enough about continuing the joyous occasion to actually request the First Miracle of the Messiah, her Son. She realized the need at this pivotal moment in the couple’s early married life for there to be a precedent set in the Spirit of Abundance and Harmony. So she asked that Jesus perform a miracle, as he creates water out of wine. Wine is often a symbolic accessory to joy, celebration, and happy occurrences. Our Madonna’s seemingly random request allows all those in attendance to sow seeds of blessing for celebrating with the couple as the scripture advises “to rejoice with those who rejoice”.

The bridegroom here is not forgotten either. The interruption of the wedding would have most likely upset the bride and put a damper not only on the proceedings but the wedding night activities as well. So you see, Our Lady allows him to continue charming his New bride. The importance of a man being good to his wife, especially at the beginning of a marriage is not only Charming but a great investment for long-standing endearment and happiness. There is even a story in the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible where a man takes off an entire year to be with his wife. This man is a paragon of Understanding for current and future husbands. He obviously recognized the importance of establishing a Harmonious relationship with his wife from the very beginning of their marriage. For a house is only as good as its foundation.

Mary’s Petals from the Wedding Miracle at Cana

  • To help set the vibration of Harmony in your home light Orange and Brown candles. The color Orange makes others feel accepted-which encourages harmony, and welcome. The color Brown gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • You may also use the Scent of Orange blossom as it is very cheerful and uplifting. Utilizing the colors Orange and brown in family areas even as just accents can change the overall tone from cold and sterile to warm and inviting
  • Encourage or create rituals for family meals or fun time around food-this need not be formal dining per se, but can be as casual as sports, movie, or game night with popcorn and snacks on the couch. It can be done and conducive on any budget, for families of any size, whether single-family homes or married.
  • The MadonnaThe Kitchen Madonna can be used or invoked to assist in your prayers for Receiving and Creating the Grace of Harmony in your home

The Kitchen Madonna Highlights

  1. The Kitchen Madonna Extols Maryam’s earthen virtues as a wife, mother, and head of her domestic household.
  2. The Madonna bestows her Graces and sees the value in various types of families, as Mary can relate from her own complicated and unusual circumstances-including Unwed mothers & single mothers-Mary and Joseph were Betrothed but not yet ‘Married’ when She became pregnant with Yeshua, Also Joseph considered Breaking their Intended Marriage due to Mary’s pregnancy if it were not for Divine intervention; Blended families-Joseph was technically Jesus’ Step-father although he reared and loved him as his own from Yeshua’s birth.

In a society where many attempts to demean the role of A Woman as a homemaker and/or in traditional marriage by utilizing the word “Codependent” like it’s a dirty word, The Kitchen Madonna exemplifies GOD’S sovereignty and eternal knowledge for His creation above Man’s fickle, false and modern equations. Within the Role of Harmony Commander and Head of her Domestic Household, the Madonna seeks to celebrate and exemplify the Lady of the House in her traditional roles as Mother, Wife, and if, At home Spouse-so be it.

                                                                                                                                 -The Madonna Mystic

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