His Time to Be Free: UNTIED

A Message from Our Lady, Untier of Knots👔 🆓

***THIS is a VERY specific Message for a HIERARCHY DIVINE Partner, he is a Masculine. THIS Message is to the Group Attempting to PROHIBIT this Man. TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ Message is Unfiltered and May Disturb Sensitive Readers

The Madonna speaks: “Little Men📚🎒🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️- Your Earth, Your Forces, YOUR Fauda*. You Are in Human Greed. Death (⚱️in Your) Circle. You are interfering with the Grand scheme in the line of David..But as You Wish” AND Our Lady’s 🎶 for This Gentleman in Duress “I’ve Just Got to Be FREE ” As He Moves, She comes with You🌹🕊️

*Fauda (Arabic) is Chaos. My relationship with Our Lady is congruent across ALL nationalities, ethnicities and languages. And in My Clairaudience Gift, I hear in a variety of languages. Arabic is a Semitic language, with the same root language, Aramaic as Hebrew. I have a strong relationship with Our Lady as a Semitic Lineage holder

Please NOTE: A situation may give rise to use a language for emphasis, this does NOT necessarily infer people of that language As the Intended audience for our message at this Time.